I am moving to São Paulo.

I would say that I have never moved to a city knowing so little about it, but seven years ago I moved to Charlotte because I thought it was Charleston.

Things I know about São Paulo:

  1. It is the largest city in the southern hemisphere.
  2. It is not the capital of Brazil.
  3. It is made of many neighborhoods and we will probably live in Vila Madalena or Pinheiros, both referred to as the “Brooklyn” of São Paulo.
  4. There is actually a neighborhood in São Paulo called Brooklin but it is not the “Brooklyn” of São Paulo.
  5. It is the third largest Italian city in the world outside of Rome and Milan.
  6. It has the largest Japanese population outside of Japan.
  7. It is home to a hella diverse food scene.
  8. The traffic is pretty bad.
  9. The weather is perfect enough that I will be able to figure out if I get sad every year because it’s cold and dreary (as I have suspected) or for other reasons (that I will entertain if needed after a year with a warm winter).
  10. We can probably afford a place with a balcony.

There is no point in making a list of things I don’t know about São Paulo.